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Teaching methods

Our French language courses follow the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) for language learning, and our teachers use an integrated communicative approach in teaching French that focuses on the student and his/her environment. Particular attention is also paid to improving speaking and listening skills.

Our French teachers

All our teachers are French native speakers, have a university degree and the FLE (French as a Foreign Language) qualification. They are experienced in teaching French as a foreign language and provide high quality French courses for all levels, answering all your needs. Our teachers are enthusiastic, friendly and competent, which makes learning French fun!

Our teaching methods

The class sizes at LSF French language school are small, often 8 students, with a maximum of 10 students per class. This gives more time for each student to speak and participate in the class and also means more time for the teacher to give the students individual feedback. This way more progress in French can be made by all students in the class. In all of LSF’s French courses there is a friendly, relaxed and engaging class atmosphere to ensure the best learning experience possible.

We offer French courses for all levels, from full beginners in the French language to advanced speakers. You will be placed in a small class and follow a course fully adapted to your level of French. Every week, your teacher will re-evaluate your level of French and decide if you would be able to follow a class at a higher level. In this way you will benefit most from your stay in our language school and achieve fast progress in French. LSF progression 2018

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