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Work and Hotel Placements

LSF-French-work-hotel-placementsFor participants wishing to combine a real French work experience in a French company or hotel with a French language course. The Work and Hotel Placement programme provides participants with the opportunity of gaining valuable vocational experience, thus increasing employment prospects through the development of language, business, interpersonal and cultural skills.

All students attending our work placements must be students attending an educational establishment in their own country, and the work placement here must be a compulsory part of their studies/degree and so be the object of a convention signed by the student, their educational establishment and us.


Our offers

Fiche de Poste Barman Confirmed (Champs Blancs))

Fiche de Poste Barman Confirmed (Walter)

Fiche de Poste Begginer Receptionist (Champs Blancs)

Fiche de poste Confirmed Waiter (l'Enclos)

Fiche poste Confirmed Waiter (Champs Blancs)

Fiche poste Confirmed Waiter (Walter)

Fiche de Poste Barman Beginner (Champs Blancs)

Fiche de Poste Animator

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