French combined course, combination of group classes and private lessons, Montpellier

Make faster progress in areas you want, Group and one-to-one classes in south of France

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French Combined course: to work on your specific needs

The French Combined course is the best option for those who want to increase their overall knowledge while also achieving fast progress in certain areas of the language, related to their personal or professional objectives or for specific purposes. This course is available all year long, for all levels of French.

Students can tailor the content of these private classes, work on specific points (vocabulary, grammatical rules, phonetics…). The teachers adapt the course to the student’s’ needs. They give them advice, support and also personalised corrections. Students make rapid progress in the areas of their choice and they perfect their general knowledge of French. It is particularly suited for students who need to learn French for business purposes (medical French, French for the hotel industry, business French, French for diplomacy, job interviews, TCF, DFP…).

In addition to the 20 Standard group lessons in the morning, the students have 10 French one-to-one lessons in the afternoons:

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