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Want to both live the French work experience and  improve your French? Have an unique and fun  experience?

LSF launchs  a new service for you, because you deserve it!

This summer 2019, apply to our jobs and internships  into the tourism industry in France. Let’s have a look on this oppurtunity…



• More than 100 offers available freely
• Feel free to apply: Fees-free till you get the job of your dreams.



• To apply : just give the skills you feel endowed with



• Offers are constantly updated.
• All offers are selected by Boardingates, a unique French company with a leading expertise in international students recruitment in tourisme industry. How? Thanks to rigorous interviews and trainings with company’s supervisors. Indispensable precondition to obtain the higly demanding Boardingates certification.

Eager to live the French work experience ? Don’t miss this unique opportunity !

Apply now and enjoy a work experience with a French touch!