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French Intensive course (20 + 6): take your oral skills to the next level

• In addition to the standard morning lessons, you will spend two afternoons per week in class.
• 20 group lessons of 45 minutes each (15h) + 6 group lessons of 45 minutes each two afternoons per week (4h30) = 19h30 of classes per week. 10 students maximum per class.

Our intensive courses are aimed at perfecting your oral skills in French (oral comprehension, production and interaction). All of our intensive courses are designed using Interactive Flat Panels and take place in classrooms equipped with these screens, which means your lessons will be modern, dynamic, lively and, of course, interactive.

All the documents used are taken from French-speaking media (videos, radio programmes, reports) and stimulate interaction, discussion and debate. There is no grammar taught in this course, but you will reuse and improve the grammatical tools developed in the standard course: your professor is there to guide you, correct any errors and help you improve your oral communication skills in French.

French Intensive course (20 + 10): a different way to improve your French

• In addition to the Standard morning lessons, you will spend three afternoons per week in class: two afternoons that correspond to the description of the 20+6 intensive course and a third afternoon in the form of a workshop.
• 20 group lessons of 45 minutes each (15h) + 6 group lessons of 45 minutes each two afternoons per week (4h30) + 1 group workshop on a third afternoon (4 lessons: 3h) = 22h30 of classes per week.

The goal of the workshop is to make you speak more while learning in a different way. LSF
offers workshops on various topics: theatre, cinema, video, photography, poetry, comic
books, literature, writing, cuisine, songs, meditation, French expressions, cultural outings,
meetings, conferences, etc.

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