NEW LSF - Septembre 2016-9

Classes are held from Monday to Friday. The average class size is 8 students. We never exceed 10 students per class, which guarantees a high level of teaching quality and a friendly classroom atmosphere.

Classes are taught entirely in French, and all of our teachers are native French speakers who hold a professional master’s degree in French as a Foreign Language (Master 1 or Master 2) and have considerable teaching experience.

Upon arrival, you will receive the LSF Roadbook, which will help you improve your French from day to day and make the most of your time at LSF and in Montpellier.

To continue practising your French after your lessons, you will have access to our e-learning platform on which you can further your knowledge of the French language and follow current affairs and French culture.
You will use the platform both in lessons and as a supplement to the language lessons.

You will have access to self-correcting exercises, summaries of lessons and to vocabulary and grammar sheets. You can write and comment in French, work on your oral and written comprehension, and exchange with other students and ask your teachers questions.
Our teaching team answer all questions asked on the platform and correct all your written contributions. The aim is to give you educational support and to help you improve your written French through corrections and individual advice.

If you want to continue making progress and furthering your knowledge of the French language, you can continue having access to the e-learning platform after finishing your stay at LSF.

If you have difficulty with a concept taught in class, you will have access to free tutoring with an LSF teacher to help you overcome any obstacles.

Our teaching staff is available and ready to answer any questions you may have about your level or your French course.

Standard Courses

Intensive Courses

Combined Courses