Montpellier throughout the seasons

Spring in Montpellier Spring is warm enough to stroll on the beach without the crowds. From Montpellier, you can easily go down to the beach by bike ; the route starts…

10 things you should know about your experience at LSF!

10 things you should know about your experience at LSF! 1) LSF was created in 1996 in Montpellier. We have a enormous experience teaching our beautiful language to juniors and adults from…

What is your favorite French word or the most bizarre word for you?

Favorite French word, our students answered this question!

Discover our new offer “French & Romance” and enroll together with your partner”

On the occasion of St Valentine’s Day, ​LSF is proposing a tailor-made stay for you which combines romance and the French language. ​In order to benefit from this offer don’t forget…

Meilleurs voeux !

Toute l’équipe LSF vous souhaite une excellente année 2018 ! Meilleurs voeux de santé, bonheur en famille et réussite !

Activités phares de la semaine chez LSF Montpellier

LES ACTIVITES PHARES DE LA SEMAINE 39 (du 25 septembre au 1er octobre 2017) Cette semaine, LSF France propose a ses étudiants de nouvelles activités dont deux nous semblent particulièrement intéressantes. Voici deux…

Soirée cinéma sur la terrasse de Barnabé

LSF Montpellier a proposé à ses étudiants une douce soirée autour d’un apéritif et de la projection en plein air d’un film culte ! Retour sur un évènement que nos…


  LES ACTIVITES PHARES DE LA SEMAINE 38 (du 18 au 24 septembre 2017) Chaque semaine, LSF France propose un large choix d’activités à ses étudiants qui viennent apprendre le…

Le petit monde de LSF Montpellier

Nous avons des étudiants de 47 pays différents à LSF cette semaine pour apprendre le français. Combien de ces drapeaux pouvez-vous identifier?! We have students from 47 different countries at…

Le journal des étudiants de LSF

Avec l’aide de leur professeur Xavier, les étudiants de niveau B2 et C1 fabriquent régulièrement un journal dans lequel ils traitent d’informations diverses et variées. Le Petit Journal International regroupe…

Last Reviews
Natalia Hartinger
Natalia Hartinger
17:08 28 Jan 19
Very cool easy people. Friendly and helpful. Location is glorious! I highly recommend.
Robert Garrett
Robert Garrett
17:22 18 Jan 19
I just finished a week at LSF doing their intensive program. This school is probably the best it can get when it comes to language schools. I have to learn French from scratch for my current masters program, so I came here during my winter break to supplement my studies. I would highly recommend anyone looking to study French in France to make this school their top choice. The staff is incredibly organized, friendly, and supportive. They were so responsive over the phone and email after I decided to enroll last minute. The school is located in a fantastic location and they utilize modern technology. For instance, they use an entire private social media platform that allows you to ask questions to live tutors and complete and submit digital assignments for your class. At the same time, you can post messages to the entire school kind of like a private Facebook group. My professor, Judith, was one of the best teachers I have ever had. I went to a highly prestigious university in America for undergrad and now for my masters; and I have never seen someone so passionate and supportive when it comes to teaching. Along with our group classes, I did a few one on one sessions with Judith where you spend an 1 hour/1.5 hour working on whatever you want. I asked if we could work on impromptu speaking because I’m trying to become conversational as fast as possible. Basically Judith and I had several multi–hour conversations where she allowed the discussion to naturally flow. When I made a mistake, she wrote out the rule or word I was messing up on sheet of paper I kept. It was interesting because many questions or issues I had floating around my head were naturally answered when I attempted something in conversation and Judith politely corrected me and explained what I was doing wrong. I’m at like a low intermediate level (A1-A2? My school doesn’t use universal levels) but we ended up talking about everything from world culture/history, technology, and food. In our last conversation, we literally talked about everything from the effects of dating apps and Instagram on society to the Chinese Opium Wars between France, Britain, and China. I’ve never had so much fun learning a language before and I have left with more confidence and motivation. I still have a long way to go, but if you stayed here for several months, as some do, you could move up very quickly. The school is also great if you’re just trying to refresh or solidify a foundation like I was. One last interesting thing, LSF organizes an activity every day of the week, including excursions on the weekends. I went to a local artists apartment to learn water color painting. It’s usually not my thing but wanted to try something new and I had a blast. If I was staying longer, I would absolutely do one of their planned more
Lorenzo Pelosi
Lorenzo Pelosi
10:18 19 Oct 18
Best Place to learn french in Montpellier. Great teachers, cool people, cool activities after lesson
Wallace Lee
Wallace Lee
16:22 16 Sep 18
My partner and I had a wonderful experience studying French at LSF. We took a sabbatical year and decided to spend the first few months in France and do a French immersion course. We were beginners, so it was a little daunting at first given all the classes were taught in French. The course was challenging but enjoyable, all our teachers were very clear, very patient and very professional. This is not a holiday French school, most students in our classes were keen learners. Montpellier is a great base too for seeing south of France, the school organised many day trips which were conducted in French. We met many other students of all ages from all walks of life and all over the world. Highly recommended if you're serious about learning French and experience the Catalan French more
Тамара Лукић
Тамара Лукић
07:50 31 Aug 18
Great experience that i will remember all my life. My host family was the best, teachers are really helpfull. Montpellier is one sunny happy city that has a special place in my more
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