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French host family

Choosing to stay in a French Host Family is the way to go if you really want to improve in French as much as possible during your language stay. Staying with a French host family provides a complete language immersion experience where you get a chance to improve in French even outside of your regular French language courses. During your stay with the host family you will get additional opportunities to practice your French while sharing the meals with the family. Staying with a French host family is also a fantastic way of discovering the French way of life and French culture.

French Host Families selected with great care

LSF’s Host Families are selected with the greatest care to make your stay a successful linguistic and cultural experience. The placement of our students in their host family is the result of a careful study of each application where our accommodation officer considers each students profile to make sure that the Host Family and the student will be a great match.

Most of LSF’s host families have been hosting students for many years and are very experienced. They all answer our various criteria of selection (Charter and Rules): a sense of welcome and hospitality, a warm, clean and welcoming home, a good location and easy access (35 minutes maximum). The families live close to LSF French language school or are just a short bus- or tram-ride away.

Available with three different options

  • Half-board – Share both breakfast and dinner with the French host family
  • Bed & Breakfast – Share breakfast with the French host family
  • Self-catering – Meals are not included with the French host family, but you have access to the kitchen to make your own meals

The LSF team is always available and attentive to your needs and expectations and will do their best to look after you and make your French language stay an unforgettable experience!

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